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Tri Pro English B1

发行商: Nimbin Apps
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Prepare for your English B1 or ISE 1 exam with ease and confidence with our listening exercises.

These listening exercises do not appear on the Tri Pro English website and have been created exclusively for the App.

- Study anywhere with your mobile
- Tri Pro English exam-style format
- Track your progress and see your confidence grow!

The app contains 50 audios recordings at B1 level.
There are 20 Easy, 20 Intermediate and 10 Advanced exercises.
You will hear a variety of accents to prepare you for the exam.

In each listening exercise, you will see an audio track (you can move forwards and backwards within the audio track to listen again or capture difficult vocabulary), and 3 drop down menus.

The exercise follows the format of the Tri Pro English website and the Trinity College ISE 1 exam.

- Listen to the recording, you will hear someone reading a text

- Make notes as you listen

- At the end of the recording you will hear six questions, try to answer each one just like in the exam

- Use the drop down menus to check you have understood the questions

- Check your answers in the "Text" (full text of the recording) or "Answers" section

If you want to practise the "type 2" style listening exercises, just don't listen to the questions, and compare your notes with the text - did you manage to hear 8-10 facts?

No subscriptions, no hidden costs :-)


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