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Danube Home

发行商: Al Danube FZE
价格: 免费


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"The regions most trusted one-stop shop for all home needs, Danube Home, in now available at your fingertips in the form of this super user friendly, easy-to-navigate app that’s loaded with features that are sure to give you an unparalleled shopping experience from anywhere and at any time!
With over 50,000 products spread across a host of categories like Furniture, Bath, Furnishing, Home Décor, Outdoor and tons more, the Danube Home app presents ease of shopping and product styles that suit every design aesthetic and budget.
Here’s why we’re sure you’ll love it:
- You can register as a new user or easily login with a single click using your Facebook or Google id.
- Apart from app exclusive discounts and offers, you would be the first to know about all our amazing discounts and offers both online and in-store.
- Login and add your favorite products to wishlist and find them all in one location easily when you wish to move it to cart and checkout.
- Explore our comprehensive product range and find detailed information about each product along with images from different angles to make sure you’re making the right choice.
- Easy to navigate icons on the bottom of the screen to enhance your overall experience.
- Easy payment plans available on the desktop site is also available on the app.
- All payments are securely processed for your peace of mind.
- Easily share products you like across social media platforms like facebook, instagram or on whatsapp with friends or family for their opinion before you make a purchase.
Enjoy a seamless shopping experience at your fingertips with Danube Home!


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9 条评价

This is the worst shop and customer service made complain on broken product that came to me on july 2020. We are now in FEB 2021 i am still waiting my issue to be resolved. They state on their website that easy return. But the guy on phone stated that they don't have return policy. And i explained clearly that box came with broken item worth 600aed They didnt even gave me the invoice cause it is online purchase and i asked more than 100 times for it.


Excellent app - user friendly, easy to navigate, easy checkout.




Very poor customer service. Once the item is purchased, they dont reply to the after sale inquiries


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