SnagID - Site Snagging, Auditing & Inspection Tool

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The SnagID mobile app helps in generating a site audit inspection report or professional punchlist & snag list report as a PDF or XLS file(MULTI-LANGUAGE SUPPORT). SnagID divides your project into multi-depth locations like floor 1, floor 2, etc., and then log the snags into each location or without locations to your project. This feature cannot be found in any other punchlist, snag list, and site audit report apps.

Whether you are an individual or a team, SnagID helps you to manage your projects, highlight snag list & punch list issues, perform risk assessments and generate your site audit or inspection report.

Customize the labels for a specific trade or industry, SnagID used for snag list, site walks, reporting punchlist issues, producing a custom site inspection report, performing risk assessments, tracking construction projects and much more.

The SnagID App makes it easy to create and share a site inspection report, site audit report, or punchlist report, as an XLSX file (Excel document) or as a professional PDF report, all while on site using your mobile or tablet devices.

Following features that are generally not often found in the other site audit report, snag list, or snagging apps:

- Add project with project photo and project drawings.
- Organize project into locations like floor 1, floor 2, floor 3 etc.
- Log snag or issue or defects or observations directly to project, or locations.
- Add snags or issues or defects or observations or inspections with photo, title, assigned to, status, created date, action by date and comments.
- Mark up each photo to highlight issues using powerful annotation tools.
- Make the copy of existing projects, locations and snags.
- Generate the PDF and Excel document reports with cover pages.
- Display the exact date and time of image taken into PDF and Excel report images. You can on or off this feature.
- Customize the report cover page with client and company’s details, and also with the company’s logo and auditor’s signature.
- Powerful sorting, searching and filtering of projects, snag & punch lists.

SnagID also provides the site clearance notices reports. Before starting the construction work, you can prepare the site clearance notices report and send to the respective persons.

You can use the SnagID for following types of works.
- Site auditing and snagging
- Quality checks
- Inspections / defects, snags, items
- Site Works
- Checklists / Check Lists
- Condition Assessments
- Site Walks
- Risk Assessments
- Punch Lists
- Snag Lists
- Site Audits
- On-Site Inspections
- Construction Projects
- Building Surveys
- Health & Safety Inspections
- Housing Inspections
- House Inventories
- Tracking Problems
- Managing Issues and many more...

SnagID does not require an online service or sign-up, and there are no monthly subscription fees. Just make a one-time purchase and start working. You can provide your suggestion to

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