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Documents for Wear OS (Android Wear)

发行商: appfour
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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View PDFs and other documents from your phone or Google Drive on your Wear OS (Android Wear) smartwatch. Get a productivity boost with wearable access to your important docs.

Supports standalone access to your Google Drive documents on Android Wear 2 watches paired with iOS or Android phones. For standalone support install the app from the play store on the watch only.

To open a document you can:
- Start "Documents" on your smartwatch to see recently used documents from your phone or Google drive. Use the phone app to sign into your Google Drive account(s)
- Search for documents with the wearable app
- Open PDF attachments from our "Mail for Android Wear" app directly on your smartwatch
- Choose "Share with Wear Documents" on your phone to open any file directly

Features of the viewer:
- Minimal loading time due to incremental file loading (Android 5.x+)
- Load documents on your Android Wear smartwatch for offline viewing
- Pinch zoom, tap zoom, drag document
- Scroll down to see all document pages
- Go to specific page by tapping on the page number
- Share with Wear Mail action
- Share on your phone action
- Document details card
- Delete document action
- Open on phone action
- Wearable productivity boost
- Supports PDF, Google Docs and Text files

Note: The Free Version only shows the first document page. To view all pages in-app purchase of the Full Version is required.

Supported smartwatches include all Wear OS (Android Wear) smartwatches:
- Sony SmartWatch 3
- Motorola Moto 360
- Fossil Q (Explorist, Marshal, Founder, Venture, Wander, ...)
- Ticwatch (E, S)
- Michael Kors (Bradshaw, Sophie, ...)
- Huawei Watch (2, Leo-BX9, Leo-DLXX, ...)
- LG Watch (Urbane, Sport, R, Style, …)
- ASUS ZenWatch (1, 2, 3)
- Samsung Gear Live
- TAG Heuer
...and many more

If your watch is not listed, please check if your Smartwatch runs Wear OS (former Android Wear).


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1161 条评价

Had to go into developer mode to uninstall from watch. Not paying you $3 (U.S.) to rewrite Adobe's engine and show me my own files. Uninstalled. UPDATE: Gave it another chance. "Update" includes big "buy me now" flag that covers 1/4 of the document. Uninstalled and flushed down the toilet.




I got is app, and trying to download it on my other phone and it is say that I don't own it and I need to buy it again


Do not recommend. Like the rest of this developer's apps, it lacks support for the rotating side crown, which makes all the difference when trying to read a document. Try reading something when your finger is covering most of the screen! It doesn't take that much effort to add a couple lines of code to enable the rotating crown! The app took forever to sync my account, as it did when I tried to open up a document. These frustrations have led me to install/uninstall this app on multiple occasions, and installed it on three different watches. I have probably paid the $10 app bundle a half dozen times already because the app won't save the purchase with multiple devices, and occasionally when I reinstalled it on the same device I purchased it on. This developer has some really great ideas. I just wish they would add digital crown support.


Doesn't work


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