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Battery Saver Pro - Fast Charging & RAM Cleaner

发行商: App Ocean Inc
价格: 0.99 USD


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Battery Charger Fast or Quick Charger is an optimized phone efficiency and battery charging that reduces battery charging time and saves time and energy. Fast charger battery master is the solution to all battery draining problems. It will control the battery charger limit and with the power of battery charger fast speed with its fast charger pro features. Just download this high-speed fast charger or fast charger battery master and charge your mobile fast and quick.

This amazing app has a great & easy to Use User Interface and brilliant functions that can boost charging speed and increase the battery charging speed. This quick charger app will show the battery level as well as some battery information. It can start charging fast and saving battery life automatically without any action from you.

Besides, Battery Saver supply many utilities like Junk Cleaner, Ram Booster, ..., it can help users easily speed up the phone, clean memory, or manage applications. The application is designed in a Flat design that is very lightweight, smooth, intuitive, and easy to use

Battery Turbo Charger is the perfect app if you want to reduce the waiting time for Battery Charging cause optimize settings like brightness, Bluetooth, sync functions among other things automatically to get a fast charger.

This quick charger app will show the battery level as well as some battery information. It can start charging fast and saving battery life automatically without any action from you. This is a fast battery charger tool for your device. it provides battery status such as health, temperature, voltage, and many more.

Fast Battery Charger gives you an optimal solution for your device! With a simple and easy-to-use interface design, you will have a great experience using the fast charging.

✦ Charge Modes are:

👉 Extreme Mode: Optimize battery charging for handling recent apps and settings such as a brightness screen, Bluetooth, sync, and more.
👉 Fast Mode: Optimize battery charge managing only recent apps
👉 Slow mode: This mode will optimize the charge managing only phone settings (Bluetooth, brightness, sync among others functions)

✦ Key features of Battery Saver - Fast Charging

✜ Battery Saver
➠Save your battery power and optimize battery usage with just a single Tap.
➠ Longer battery life up to 50% with Advanced saving mode.
➠ It will be more effective to use Smart schedule

✜ Junk Cleaner - Super Cleaner
➠ Booster for Android helps free up your storage space by removing junk, redundant, and cache files which slows down your device. This action is safe for your personal data, don't worry. It just works.

➠One Tap Boost helps to speed up your device by freeing up RAM. This feature is harmless - all vital core system services will remain running while unused apps will be unloaded. You can run a speed test to see how much faster your device will be after such a boost.

✜ Smart Charging
➠Green Battery can find, analyze, and fix charging problems. This helps the device to charge faster.

Thanks & Enjoy... .....................!!!!


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211 条评价

nice ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


I use the trash cleaner to clear my games cache and it ended up deleting all of my games data and I have to redownload all of my games again.. At least the phone booster works so that's why I'm giving it 3 stars


The best app I've ever download it works really well :)


Helps but only a little.




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