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mDates – Dating for 35 and up

发行商: Appogee B.V
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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On mDates you’ll meet singles aged 35 and older. The serious dating app is for everyone who is looking for their dream partner and a steady relationship 💕. On mDates, you've come to the right place if you're looking for a woman 👩 who already has some life experience. Women aged 35 and older will find a man 👨 who would like to have a more mature woman at his side.

The mDates Single App offers a wide range of members. You will find experienced women and men in your area who long for a happy relationship. As a woman on mDates you will meet open-minded men who appreciate your life experience. Take a look at the numerous profiles and get in touch with singles from your area. Via the chat function you can talk to your new flirt partner. Discover if the chemistry between the two of you is right. If it is, you can arrange a date with via the Dating App.

Download mDates for free and start looking for a new, fulfilling relationship today.

Here's what the app offers you:
• Find singles aged 35 and up in your area
• Show your interest in a member with a Like 👍🏻
• Send messages 💌 to your favourites
• Thanks to push notifications, you won't miss any news on your account
• See who has visited your profile
• Receive partner suggestions from Dates

This is how you do it:
• Download mDates for free
• Log in with your Facebook- or Google-Account or register by email
• Fill in your profile and upload a picture of yourself - this will increase your chances

This is why mDates fits you so well

Many men would like to have a partner at their side who already has some experience - especially in relationships. Singles over 35 are self-confident and know where they stand in life. They have achieved their professional goals and know what they want when looking for a partner. In past relationships they were able to learn what is important to them in a relationship and in their partner. Mature women have clear ideas about what they need to bring into a relationship to create a strong and fulfilling bond. Men appreciate a mature partner. They want a self-confident woman who can join them and still go her own way.

mDates makes the search easy

On mDates you can look for your new love 💑 without risk. Your data is in good hands with us. Our customer support is always available for you if you have questions or suggestions about the app.


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