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Honey Bunny – Run for Kitty : Hero Runner Dash

发行商: AppOn Innovate
价格: 免费


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Honey Bunny – Run for Kitty is an amazing new challenged based runner adventure starts now. Choose your favorite Honey & Bunny hero character and get ready to run and jump your way through an epic adventure. You will have to stay focused as you avoid the varied obstacles that are strewn along your path. Collect diamonds, coins or hearts along the way to impress Kitty. More the merrier.


Play different challenge modes based on your skill level. Play in expert level as you progress and improve your running skills. Sharp reflexes are your best weapon to avoid the obstacles in your path. Remember, the more diamond, coin or heart you collect, the closer you come to impress Kitty. Help Honey and Bunny to take up and clear this Kitty Challenge.

Sab Jholmaal Hai also known as Honey Bunny ka Jholmaal is an Indian animated comedy television series that airs on Sony Yay. Sony Yay now brings you an entertaining & thrilling fun ride adventure runner game in collaboration with Appon.

Avoid obstacles like Fire, oil spill, rotating saw, boxes and many more to collect all the diamonds, coins or hearts in the level. Tap & Jump through all obstacles and gently put your honey or bunny hero on the finish line. Start running and never stop! How far can you run?! The most intense, fun ride that you can squeeze into your phone! It’s one the cool games that lets you do the following.

• Play as one of your FAVORITE CHARACTERS
• Collect coins, stars, power-ups, and lots and lots of HEARTS!
• RUN and JUMP through levels full of exciting obstacles
• EXPLORE the vibrant locations for thrilling joyride Jholmaal experience.
• Complete daring CHALLENGES to brag your status
• Collect all the stars and get a 3-star rating in all JOYRIDE Jholmaal challenges
• Test your reflexes with simple one-tap controls
• High Resolution Graphics with beautiful effects.

Choose one of the characters from your favorite tv show Honey-Bunny Ka Jholmaal. Play as honey or bunny and go your way through in gaining 3 stars in all the challenges. Choose your favorite character as you run and jump them in the empty spaces collecting the stars.

★ RUN FOR HONEY BUNNY: Experience epic fun for free with this amazing runner! Keep unlocking new arenas is an incredible adventure! Who has what it takes to run through all the worlds and win? With enough running, anyone can become the best runner there is. It’s time to run in expert level & show Kitty that you are the best!

★ AMAZE KITTY: Help Honey & Bunny Gift different items to make an impression on Kitty as the best runner in all modes.

★ RUNNING THROUGH AWESOME WORLDS: Progress through difficult worlds as your skill level increases with beautiful landscapes.

★ CHALLENGING LEVELS: Gear up yourself in this challenging game as Honey and Bunny is ready to accept Kitty Challenge to impress her. Join and assist them in this adventurous mission.

Kids won’t get bored now as Honey Bunny are getting them crazy Jholmaal in brand new fun ride adventure game. So, get ready to have joyride fun with your favourite buddies- Honey & Bunny from Honey Bunny ka Jholmaal today! Download the Honey Bunny – Run for Kitty game now for free and get addicted and lose yourself in hero dash.


The Game respects your privacy, does not store any personal information & does not allow you share this information.

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