Pizza Tower

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You are finding a new job as a chef to fulfill your dream, but you just don’t fit to restaurants. But when you find this vacancy from Pizza Tower, you are about to be a pizza chef as you didn’t expect before!

Start is easy but don’t forget to memorize pizza recipes you make! You will have to be quick and select carefully your ingredients. If you waste ingredients? You are in a grave danger! Don’t lose your stars by wasting ingredients and wasting your time. The way to be the best ever pizza chef and keeps calm your customers? Just make a delicious pizza meal and give them a happy meal time.

Inside Pizza Tower, you will find
• Fun and challenging gameplay
• Cool looking art style
• Updating pizza recipes
• Updating new features

Do you believe you could make it? You are the best! You just don’t know it
See yourself by downloading the game now and start making Pizzas!

pizzas time 必胜客


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