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My Cocktail Bar Guide
Your Cocktail Making Assistant

One of The Best Cocktail App Alcoholic Drink Recipes in the World

The Ultimate Home of Over 800 Most Popular and Iconic Cocktails in the World with Professional Bartender's Module

Is an educational cocktail app and bartender app with over 800 most popular cocktails and mixed drink recipes in the world usually served onboard luxury cruise ships, 5 star hotels, exclusive bars and restaurants worldwide

It was created for everyone who want to learn cocktails and bartending. If you wish to work in cocktail bar, restaurant and high-end venues around the world as a cocktail bartender "My Cocktail Bar Guide" is exactly what you're looking for. You'll love it, whether you're a new bartender or a professional mixologist

All cocktails are "Working Offline" without internet or WiFi signal. Open all cocktails and mixed drinks online and automatically saved in your device

Browse All Cocktails and Mixed Drinks
Each mixed drink contains cocktail name, cocktail photo, cocktail ingredients, method, glass, mixture of preparation and garnishing

1) All Cocktails - All cocktails and mixed drinks are build in one icon, you can easily see your all favorites by scrolling up and down

2) A to Z - Alphabetical order of cocktails and mixed drinks

3) Cocktail Type - All types and categories of cocktails and mixed drinks
* After Dinner Drink
* Beer Cocktail
* Before Dinner Drink
* Bitters Cocktail
* Brunch Cocktail
* Champagne Cocktail
* Chocolate Cocktail
* Classic Cocktail
* Coladas Cocktail
* Creamy Cocktail
* Daiquiri
* Dry Cocktail
* Frozen/Blended Drink
* Fruity Cocktail
* Layered Shooters Drink
* Liqueur Coffee - Hot Drink
* Long Drink
* Low-Calorie Cocktail
* Margarita
* Martini
* Shooters Drink
* Signature Cocktail
* Soft Cocktail
* Sour Cocktail
* Standard Cocktail
* Strong Cocktail
* Sweet Cocktail
* Tiki Cocktail
* Tropical Cocktail
* Versatile Cocktail

4) Base Spirits - All spirits / liqueurs brand of cocktails and mixed drinks
* Vodka Cocktail
* Gin Cocktail
* Rum Cocktail
* Tequila Cocktail
* Whiskey Cocktail
* Bourbon Cocktail
* Brandy Cocktail
* Liqueur Cocktail

5) Ingredients - Check what ingredients you have in your bar cabinet. Click ingredients and will show you all available lists of mixed drink recipes, you can see what cocktails and mixed drinks you can make it

6) Colors - All available cocktails and mixed drink colors
* Blue Cocktail
* Red Cocktail
* Green Cocktail
* Yellow Cocktail
* Pink Cocktail
* Brown Cocktail
* Black Cocktail
* White Cocktail
* Transparent Cocktail

7) World's Most Popular Cocktails - Well known cocktails in the world

8) Iconic Cocktails - World's most popular and famous cocktails

9) Around the World - Countries that Invented the cocktails

10) Mocktails - Non-alcoholic mixed drinks

11) Bartender Guide
* 6 Steps to Become a Bartender
* Bartender Job Description
* Cocktail and Bar Service
* Bar and Beverage Service Procedures
* Beverage Guide
* Bar Set Up
* Bar Equipment
* Sanitation - U.S.P.H
* Wine Sommelier Guide
* Bar Cost/Menu Guide
* Alcoholic By Volume
* Alcoholic Drinks and Units
* Blood Alcoholic Concentration (BAC)
* Bar Measurement Guide
* Mixed Drinks Tips

12) Cocktail App: cocktail, drink, recipe, mixed drink recipe, cocktail recipe, drink recipe, cocktail drink, cocktail drink recipe, a-z cocktail, ( cocktail base spirits: gin, rum, tequila, vodka, whiskey and brandy cocktail ), mocktail, non-alcoholic drink, wine, beverage, bar, bartender

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My Cocktail Bar Guide is committed to responsible drinking, you must be at least 18 years old, or the legal age in your country of residence to download this app

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