Jewel Blast Ultra Puzzle Gems - Match 3 Game

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Match sunstones, diamante, opals, diamonds, emeralds, and other gem stones in our cool match game! Download Jewel Blast Ultra Puzzle Game - Match 3 Game, an addicting match 3 puzzle. Embark in an exciting jeweled quest and explore the space while matching and blasting gem stones. We guarantee you will get hooked once you enter this adventure quest and you won’t be able to stop playing!

How many types of gem stones out there in the world? We know about opals, emeralds, diamonds, and other popular stones. There are also sun stones, diamantes, amethysts and other gem stones. Do you know there are also legendary jewels like infinity stones. These gems will bedazzle you with their brilliance. On our game, the legendary infinity stones will help you out when you are bewildered in our challenging puzzles. That’s why you should always try to match more than 3 jewels. Try to run the jewels now and see what happened and what kind of infinity stones you will get!

This is a fun adventure quest that will take you deep into the space. If you want to try your hand at jeweled quest. The gameplay is very simple: you need to swap gem stones to create three of the same jewels together. If you able to connect 4 or even 5, you can create infinite stones that will give you massive boosts! Of course, on later levels, it will be more challenging. There are more hidden challenges in this jeweled quest. We hope they don’t bewilder you. We hope you will bedazzled by the brilliance of the sunstones, opals, emeralds, diamantes, and other gem stones in the game. Try and run the jewel game with your skill now!

● Play our cool match game FREE forever.
● HD game graphic and environment that will bedazzle you.
● Amazing sound effects and background music to accompany you play
● Play whenever and wherever you want.
● Boosts in the form of infinity stones when you combine more than 3 jewels.

How to play Jewel Blast Ultra Puzzle Gems - Match 3 Game:
1. Download and start your adventure quest for FREE.
2. Swap to match 3 of the same jewels.
3. Link more than 3 gems if possible.
4. Watch the gemstones get blasted off the screen.
5. Continue to play until you run out of moves.
6. Enjoy your jeweled quest!

When is the best time to play our cool match game? You can play anytime you want! Maybe you are on the bus, on doctor’s waiting room, or just feel bored at home. Erase your boredom with our game. Although the gameplay is straightforward, you still need to use strategy to find and blast as many gems as possible. So, are you ready to blast the sunstones, opals, diamante, emeralds, crystals, and other jewels? What are you waiting for? Download and run the jewel game now!


If you have issue when you run the jewel matching game, write to us so we can fix the error ASAP. If you enjoy playing Jewel Blast Ultra Puzzle Gems - Match 3 Games. If you like our adventure quest, please take a minute to rate and review our game.



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