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Now type Everything FAST, EASIER, ACCURATE with style on Large Button Keyboard.
Large Buttons keyboard has large size number & punctuation buttons. Our team try to create such a keyboard which is easy for everyone that user can type fastly accurate way. Large Buttons Keyboard key matrix is design fully friendly all keys are places according standard keyboard bases, that everyone can learn it quickly.
Note 1- After install Large Buttons Keyboard will not work its need to activate on phone just click on Large Buttons keyboard Icon press “Installation -Tips” it will guide you how to do it.
Note 2- Large Buttons Keyboard don’t have any risky permission, on activation will warn you about possible key-logging, don’t worry Large Button Keyboard is a secure & safe app we don’t keep data.
Note 3-Large Buttons Keyboard has large amount customizable features & functions, before to post some comments about missing functionality, make sure first take a review of all its features & function. We hope Large Buttons Keyboard fill all requirements.
Note 4- As a user if have any suggestion, or see any bugs, any mistake, missing features please report us on

Some Key Features Of Large Buttons Keyboard
- Step by Step guide line that how to use large Buttons keyboard.
- Auto completion text, Auto correct word, corrects the Spill mistakes & typos.
- Add custom word in dictionary.
- Supporting Multiple Languages.
- Supporting Multiple Themes.
- Smiley /Emotion support also can enter custom Smiley /Emotion text.
- Easy change languages just on single click.
- Split Keyboard in landscape mode.
- Hardware Key mapping
- Customize Key size of buttons in portrait or landscape mode.
- Large Buttons Keyboard has much more large amount feature & functions, we hope you will be happy with it.

Supporting languages
- Arabic
- Armenian
- Belarusian
- Cyrillic
- Catalan
- Czech
- Danish
- English
- French
- Georgian
- German/Swiss
- Greek
- Hebrew
- Italian
- Latvian
- Portuguese
- Slovak
- Thai

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