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Astralzen - Birth Chart

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Are you ready to discover yourself? Astralzen is now on your mobile phone! Our experienced team, who have been offering astrology services to thousands of users for years, is now closer to you!

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What is a birth chart? What does it tell us?

The position of the Sun, Moon, and planets on the day we were born and the moment we took our first breath determine our birth chart.The constellation of the Sun, Moon and the planets vary according to the time and location of a person’s birth and that’s how every body’s birth chart is unique. Birth chart is not fortune telling. It is an aid for us to interpret astrology scientifically.

How does our date of birth affect our fate?

A birth chart is a two-dimensional diagram that reveals our all traits, strengths, weaknesses, what we are promised in life, what we should focus on, what we should pay attention to, what attitude we should adopt and such similar traits. A birth chart cannot answer the question “Who will I get married to?”;however, it can tell the best date to get married for you. Birth chart is not telling, but it is scientific. It will not predict who you will get married to, andyet, it can interpret the way you will achieve happiness in your marriage.

You can find which traits you need to focus on and which weaknesses you need to work on.

Normally, the following information is sought in a birth chart:

First House:Characteristics, mask, our outward self, self-consciousness.
Second House: Resources, financial gain, money making, money spending.
Third House: Communication, short trips, primary education, close relatives, neighbors.
Fourth House: Home, house, place we were born in, parents.
Fifth House: Creativity, art, love, fun, children.
Sixth House: Job, working, giving service, health, personal development, daily life.
Seventh House: Romantic relationships, business partnerships, agreements, marriage, spouse.
Eighth House: Death, reincarnation, rejuvenescence, transformation, occult sciences, inheritance, shared money.
Ninth House:Travel, trips abroad, far countries, philosophy, religion, higher education.
Tenth House: Career, fame, success, our responsibilities and goals.
Eleventh House: Friends, groups, teamwork, events.
Twelfth House: Subconscious, collective conscious, spiritual activities, dreams, hospitals.

Remember that only people who are knowledgeable and experienced in this field can create and read your birth chart!


With yearly horoscope specially prepared based on your birth chart, find out what awaits you in love, career and health.


Start your day with great tips with your daily horoscope.


How and for how long will retrogrades, full moons and many other celestial events affect you? These special tips will be a great guide to you.

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