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发行商: Atypical Games
价格: 4.90 USD



排名历史显示切尔诺贝利大逃亡在Google Play应用商店中的流行度以及其随着时间的变化。您可以追踪切尔诺贝利大逃亡在不同国家、分类和设备上每一天每一小时的表现。









Escape from Chernobyl is not an easy typical mobile game. It is hard and it takes time and tactics to learn and overcome. This game is also best experienced by playing with headphones.

Dive into the darkness and the dangers of the Chernobyl power plant in this continuation of the Radiation City adventure. Unravel the mystery left unsolved: find what happened to Lauren and the story of the nightmare at its source.

Navigate the accurately recreated Chernobyl power plant complex from the destroyed Unit 4 reactor to the outskirts of the complex at their natural scale.

Explore the full area in a seamless experience from open world exploration to the maze-like corridors of each building and the nuclear unit buildings. Scavenge them for weapons and gear to give you the needed edge to overcome this tremendous challenge.

Radiation with anomalies and zombies are just parts of the dangers trying to kill you at every corner.

Fight the deadly zombie infested area and the experimental abominations crawling the complex with improved controls and a wide range of melee and fire weapons. Hone your skills in a new combat system based on natural physics and real motion and plan your fights and try to survive using a new noise based stealth system.

Enjoy the amazing graphics in this open world survival : unprecedented detail, physically based rendering, dynamic shadows and post processing.


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145 条评价

Nur was für High-End Smartphones! Das Spiel hat Bugs im Inventar und mit der Steuerung! Die Tasten sind unsichtbar. Habe ein Game-Trigger für L1+L2 & R1+R2 für Smartphone und die Tasten verschoben. Am schlimmsten ist das Inventar. Da ist nahezu dasselbe Phänomen. Die Items sind unsichtbar obwohl die im Inventar sind. Man muss mit unsichtbaren Items arbeiten. Mit der Item Beschreibung scheint auch was nicht zu stimmen. Bitte behebt mal die Bugs dann gibt mehr ☆☆☆☆☆! Wir haben dafür bezahlt 😡!


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