Aura: Mindfulness, Sleep, & Calming Meditation

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Aura is the only mindfulness app you need, with thousands of meditations for stress, anxiety, and sleep - personalized just for you.

How is Aura different from other meditation apps?
Whereas other meditation apps are created by one coach, Aura is like "Spofiy" - you have instant, unlimited access to meditations, life coaching, and stories from top coaches and therapists around the world. In addition, Aura is the most personalized mindfulness app that constantly uses data to better personalize recommendations.

• Thousands of meditations, stories, and life coaching from top mindfulness & life coaches around the world
• Create a daily, simple habit of self care - just 3 minutes a day!
• Choose how you're feeling and receive the best meditations for you, whether you're stressed, anxious, okay, positive & motivated, or sad & depressed
• Sleep restfully with sleep meditations, stories, music, sounds for insomnia
• Rate your experience, and Aura will learn about you to provide a better track every time
• Take a mindful break with breathing exercises whenever you need
• Track your mood, learn about your mood patterns, and visually see yourself improve
• Receive daily reminders for mindful breathers and meditations
• Journal gratitude, learnings, insights, and reflections
• Various relaxation & nature sounds like rain, thunder, forest
• Music, hypnosis, unguided meditations with timer
• A perfect wellness coach for beginners who want to learn how to meditate, especially for stress and anxiety relief
• Your companion for waking up, winding down, sleeping, or taking breaks to make your day shine
• Try 7-days completely free

Transform your daily wellbeing, emotional health, and sleep with Aura today. Become your calm, grounded, resilient self with the world's best mindfulness meditations and stories.

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