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排名历史显示有趣的語音轉換器-免費有趣的聲音效果在Google Play应用商店中的流行度以及其随着时间的变化。您可以追踪有趣的語音轉換器-免費有趣的聲音效果在不同国家、分类和设备上每一天每一小时的表现。









If you like to prank your friends, why don't you try a voice changer in order to add new sound effects and change your voice. The idea is great, and the Voice changer will greatly help you make the idea of recording funny messages for your loved ones into reality! This app is very easy to use and a large collection of sound effects.
Our application will help you experiment with your voice, listen to how it would sound with different settings and effects. Why is the app special and how will it be useful to you? We will tell you now!

Main Features of the Voice Changer

The application allows users to record their voices and apply any of the numerous effects in the Voice changer gallery to it. When you finish the audio processing, you can share the result obtained through any convenient messenger or save it to your phone and use it when necessary.
Also, you can select any audio recording from your phone and edit it in the application, apply effects and apply other settings. A convenient file manager of the Voice changer helps you to group all processed audio recordings into folders so that you can easily find and use them as needed. As for the gallery of sound effects, it's huge! It includes various funny sounds, robot voices, scary voices, animals and cartoon characters.

Advantages of the Voice Changer

Among the main advantages of the app we can note the following:
• This voice editor is easy to use, even children can learn how to apply it.
• A large collection of sound effects and settings will help you create the desired voice and save it as a separate effect.
• The result of experimenting with audio can be shared with friends through the messengers or saved to the memory of your device.
• Our developers regularly release updates for the app, which include new audio processing capabilities and sound effects.

How to use the Voice Changer?

The Voice Changer is deservedly considered the easiest voice editor. Below we will explain step by step how to install it on your smartphone and use it:
1. Install the Voice Changer via Google Play Store on your smartphone.
2. Allow the app to access your device's microphone and file gallery.
3. Record the phrase on the built-in voice recorder or select an audio file from the gallery.
4. Start add effects, and save processed audio.

The reasons to install our APP

This voice simulator will definitely come in handy when you want to amuse your friends by sending them an audio message with a funny edited voice. Also, many children love to apply various filters and effects to their voices, and they can easily do this using our sound changer.
Install the Voice Changer now in order to make sure that this is not just a free voice changer app. This is a complete tool for processing audio files and voice records, which will help you try new voice effects.


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best voice changer what i`ve seen


Nice app


Before I even try it out, before I even have a chance to even read the Ad (first thing that pops up BTW) the app is asking for a rating. I've read enough reviews to know has to be one of the common complaints second only to the the "ads" complaint . So I have to ask this question. Why do people continue to ask for rating before someone has no chance to try it. I've seen enough to know it's the same as all the other voice changer apps just design slightly differently I'm going to uninstalling.


i want to edit my voice my self, how can i do it?


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