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Polyglot. Learn Spanish

发行商: AxiomMobile
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“Polyglot” is an easy to use mobile manual of Spanish Grammar.

You will learn to make simple sentences in Spanish in a short period of time.
All you need is to spend 5-10 minutes a day practicing.

In a week you will feel that you know some Spanish.

• Simple and intuitive interface
• Pronunciation of Spanish words and phrases
• Integrated speech recognition for pronunciation exercises
• No Internet connection required
• No adverts or annoying popups


1. The Present Tense of –ar verbs.
2. The Present Tense of –er verbs. Interrogative pronouns.
3. The Present Tense of –ir verbs.
4. The Present Tense. Irregular verbs, part 1.
5. The Present Tense. Irregular verbs, part 2.
6. Nouns. Articles. Prepositions of place.
7. The absence of the article
8. The Past Tense of –ar verbs
9. The Past Tense of –er and –ir verbs
10. The Past Tense. Irregular verbs
11. Me gusta... (I like...)
12. Adjectives
13. The Future Tense. Regular verbs
14. The Future Tense. Irregular verbs
15. Imperative mood. Do that!
16. Imperative mood. Don't do that!

“Polyglot. Spanish” will help you and your children to learn basic principles of Spanish grammar in a simple form.

How it works

The program shows you simple sentences in English in one of the three forms (affirmative, negative, interrogative).

You have to translate the sentence into Spanish using the words on the screen.

If your answer is right, the program will encourage you. If you are wrong, the program will show you the right answer.

While you are making the sentence, all the selected words are pronounced. Then the correct answer is read aloud.

If you have chosen a wrong word by mistake, push the “Back” button to cancel your choice.

The program creates a random sentence from the words in the dictionary. And it continues until you get bored.

Each lesson is almost endless. You decide yourself where to finish it.

Attention! This program includes the option to make in-app purchases:

★ Voice input (0.99 $)
• You can practice your pronunciation.
• It helps to eliminate psychological barrier which prevents you from speaking.
• It helps to get rid of the accent.

★ Open all lessons (2.99 $)
• For those who want to choose the order of lessons themselves.

¡Aprender español!


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