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发行商: Barley Game
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Endlesssea is an SLG set in the great navigation era at the end of the 15th century. In this game, you will play the role of an admiral, starting from a flagship stranded on a desolate island, to explore the endless sea.

In this world, you can rebuild the uninhabited island, and establish and upgrade buildings; you can go on adventures around the world, occupy waters of resources as your territorial waters, and exploit resources to build your homeland; you can challenge sea monsters, eliminate threats from the sea, and get valuable booty; you can also embark on expeditionary voyages to discover the New World, open up new sea routes, trade among cities, and even invest in cities to gain control of them.
Here, you can recruit historically famous navigators and take part in sea battles to contend with players around the globe for the supreme maritime power!
Game Features:
Real geography, navigation world
The game adopts a real geographic world map to reproduce the world territories at the end of the 15th century, bringing you back to the great navigation era, where you can experience history, advance history, and change history!

3D graphics quality, vivid presentation
Landforms such as ocean, land, shoal, and deep sea are vividly presented, with more than 100 real-world ports displayed in 3D images on a vast map, perfectly reproducing the magnificence of the great navigation era.
Flagship development, real ships
You can upgrade your flagship, research techs; train swordsmen, artillerists, musketeers, and grenadiers; collect heroes and heroines and grant them titles. There are also world-famous ships such as cogs, caravels, carracks, and galleons for you to collect! You can build an imperial fleet of your own!

Flexible strategies, exciting adventures
The creative adventure gameplay, coupled with ultra-flexible combinations of strategies, brings you not only the fun of warfare but also the joy of tactical battles. There are more than 100 heroes and heroines, plus dozens of professions, for your choice, and the combinations of multiple combat skills and mysterious tools greatly enrich fighting experiences.


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