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☆ Features of app to make volume louder:
• Maximize volume booster:
• Maximize media sound (volume app) , notification sound , sound enhancer, audio visualization, treble booster, bass equalizer, headphone booster , bass booster app, speaker boost, both headphone volume booster (sound boost / bass booster app) and music amplifier
• Bring out the new feel of animation equalizer music amplifier headphone booster: adjust sound high and sound increaser for music sound booster with your favorite tunes: Flat, Bass Only, Treble Only, Rock, Grunge. Metal, Dance - Country, Jazz, Speech, Classical, Blues, Opera, Swing, Acoustic, New Age.
• MP3 Player and Visualizer:
• Music player with sound booster and Visualizer : the effects of color motion to play music offline for sound louder and a more lively tone.
• Effect music:
• Effect music when playing music gives you the best music experience, with the vibration effect of music, play music with Visualizer, play music with Effect (volume app).

☆ Future development features:
• Shop lets you freely choose and can search our quality app
• Library more detailed and attractive music
• An music and volume louder application with those utilities is not far away because we always strive to provide you with the best products and services. Thanks for always supporting us. Hope you always like that.
• If you have any feedback about music booster booster with volume boost app, please comment below or email to developer. We always keep track of your feedback to improve and create better bass and audio visualization loud app.

☆ You want the volume of the phone to be maximized, or that will be bigger minutes of your mobile phones. Let Volume Booster do the work for you !
• You want to customize the volume according to your personal preferences, adjust the volume, the height of the sound in your own way. Or you cannot find the control sound when listening to music, watching movies, Want to create a The amount of sound for music or highs cores for music.
• Let Volume booster app do that for you.
• Right now, with a booster press, your phone volume will be activated to the maximum. But do not stop there, Music volume eq (sound boost) does even more with its volume control.
• Our volume enhancer application lets you easily increase music volume with just 1-touch. You can immerse yourself in the melody of soft pop music, burning Rock or tunable Ballad or not worry about missing any phone call, or oversleeping because it is volume control for videos, media for tablet and phone
• Our booster sound super louder application not only maximizes phone volume but also includes multiple utilities such as : Best headphone booster for greater variety of tones , play music with Visualizer , play music with Effect (volume app), sound enhancer, volume control, treble booster, bass equalizer, bass booster app , MP3 player with Visualizer sound effect has colorful picture motion effects.

☆ Highlights of headphone booster and music sound booster app:
• Play music with Effect (listen to music with effect)
• Play music with Visualizer (equalizer sound booster)
• Both sound volume booster for headphones and loudspeaker
• Make volume increasing with 1 tap
• Maximize speaker boost tones and ringtone booster to make the sound louder: sound enhancer, volume control, treble booster, bass equalizer, headphone booster, equalizer sound booster, sound enhancer.
• Support almost devices
• Download and install fast
• Easily to use louder music volume boost and bass app , bass booster app, equalizer sound booster, volume app.
• Animation is smoother, bringing the best music experience
• The interface is completely different (volume app)
• Totally FREE

★★★ Enjoy Equalizer: Bass Booster & Volume Booster then feedback us ★★★

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