Pixel Art Dessert - Color by number

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Pixel Art Dessert - Color by Number
- This is a unique coloring book also known as color by number, paint by number, painting by number is the best way to relax and relieve stress while at home or on the road.

- The coloring was not yet so fascinating and simple.
Each pixel image has a unique numbered color. Just follow the numbers and coloring has never been easier!

- Color the sweet dessert. Cakes, muffins, sweets, ice cream and many other sweets. For quick coloring use the sandbox.

- Do you like to paint and coloring? Then this magic app is for you. The art of drawing by pixels will bring you great pleasure. Fascinating images that you paint yourself.

Features of the Pixel Art Dessert - Color by Number app:
- Easy to colorize any picture by color number.
- No need to use paper. Just enjoy drawing on your phone.
- You can save your drawing.
- Various sweets, including ice cream, sweets, jelly, cake.
- Color all images for free.
- Share your creations in social networks.



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