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BBC Sounds: Radio & Podcasts

发行商: Media Applications Technologies for the BBC
价格: 免费


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BBC Sounds is the new way to listen to BBC audio – your favourite programmes, podcasts, radio stations and music all in one place

Explore a wide variety of new podcasts, music mixes and live sets. Listen live to BBC radio stations. Catch up or listen again to your favourite BBC radio shows.

Get personalised recommendations for your next audio obsession, and browse carefully curated highlights and collections of audio content.

Features include:

- Listen live to all UK BBC Radio stations
- Pause and rewind live radio
- Discover new hot podcasts and music mixes
- Download and listen to your shows on the go
- Autoplay multiple episodes of series or podcasts
- Subscribe to BBC podcasts, mixes and programmes
- Browse the best bits from right across the BBC in Daily Discovery
- Continue listening from where you left off on any device
- See the latest episodes from your favourite programmes and podcasts in one handy list
- Save episodes and music mixes for later in My Sounds
- Get personalised recommendations to discover new audio you’ll love

To give you the best experience, this app tracks what you’ve listened to on BBC Sounds and how long you’ve listened to programmes for.

You can switch this off by logging into your BBC account and turning off “Allow Personalisation”. This app also tracks when you add something to My list or Subscriptions.

In addition, the BBC Sounds app uses standard Android app permissions that are defined by the Google Android platform.

The BBC uses technologies similar to cookies to measure audiences for internal purposes and to help us improve the app. It also collects some information to learn which sites referred you to download and use this app.

You can switch this off using the Share Statistics toggle in the app's Settings screen.

For more information about this, privacy, cookies and Android app permissions, visit the BBC Sounds App Privacy notice at

To read the BBC’s Privacy Policy go to

If you install this app you accept the BBC Terms of Use at

The app is published by BBC Media AT (BBC Media Applications Technologies Limited) which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation).

Full details of BBC Media AT are available on the Companies House website at:

BBC © 2018
The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Read about our approach to external linking:


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28641 条评价

Frequently crashes. Better through bbc website I'm a paid up TV licence user so I would be gutted if I had to pay for this app. Shame on you bbc for breaking what was previously working.


Love the sounds app. Download everything l may want to listen to plays and comedy from 4 extra, documentaries on 4 and podcasts and listen when I want to.


Love it


07/20 update... garbage app doesn't work, just sits on a black screen with the logo. Nothing else. Bring back iPlayer! Worked once. Just a spinning grey circle constantly. Closed app. Restated, no joy.


Hands down this is my most used app. Absolutely love it.


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