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BCBA Exam Audiobook is the one-of-a-kind audiobook to help future BCBAs pass the BCBA Exam.

Created by a BCBA, we cover the key terms from every Task List of the BCBA Exam in an immersive, interactive audiobook spanning 18 chapters. Take it with you on the road, study at the gym, or anywhere you’d like.

We believe that the way to pass this difficult exam is through 100% immersion into ABA. You must live it, breathe it, see it everywhere and apply it to your daily life.

The foundation of any true understanding of Behavior Analysis must be on a keen understanding of the key terms.

Follow along using the interactive audiobook as you learn key terms, test your knowledge and are quizzed on key terms, some scenarios and true some true or false questions.

Here’s what it covers:

●Introduction to BCBA Exam Prep Audiobook
●Section A – Measurement
●Section B – Experimental Design
●Section C – Behavior Change Consideration
●Section D – Fundamental Elements of Behavior Change
●Section E – Specific Behavior-Change Procedures
●Section F – Behavior-Change Systems
●Section G – Identification of the Problem
●Section H – Measurement
●Section I – Assessment
●Section J – Intervention
●Section K – Implementation, Management and Supervision
●Section 3 – Foundational Knowledge – part 1
●Section 3 – Foundational Knowledge – part 2
●Section 3 – Foundational Knowledge – part 3
●Section 3 – Foundational Knowledge – part 4
●Section 3 – Foundational Knowledge – part 5
●Section 3 – Foundational Knowledge – part 6



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