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Tired of the same boring trips? If your current friends are not enough then this social trip companion finder will help you find your perfect travel buddy!

Travel Buddy is a Social travel app. It is a chance to find friends worldwide, visit a place of your dream and find a travel partner or a local guide when you are travelling. If you are planning to travel then travel buddy can find someone to travel with, having similar Itinerary with you.


- Download & Register on the Travel Buddy App.
- Build your detailed profile, Add your upcoming trips and find a travel buddy who seems to be best for your next tour
- Connect with new travellers from your location or any location across the world.
- Travel the World -Find any place for travelling, pack your things and go explore together.
- See pictures from fellow travellers and ask about destination.
- Chat with travel mates, meet someone to travel with, trip together and give best ratings and reviews.
- Meet your travel companions during your trip, upload your Pub crawling trip photos and make memories.

- A social feed to post travel photos, videos, stories or advice.
- Travel Connect: Many local travel deals, tours & activities.
- Meetups
- Organise or discover meetups, travel community events etc.
- It is like couchsurfing without couch or some kind of special meetings.
- Plan trip together, shop, go out, eat, explore beaches or natural trails, or just hang out.
- Visit your dream destinations and receive adventure travel companions where you are.
- Find your travel mates for backpacking, caving, trekking, an upcoming business trip, convention or unite with new friends for a short break away.
- Forum of travellers to help each other, where you can ask a question and get travel tips, advises for your upcoming trip

Become strong and independent with this new travel app. Blog about your trip and share past travel experience in this tourbar. You can share about tour destinations you have visited so far or your road trip experiences, provide a travel guide and tips to help other travellers on how to get there, places to visit, best time to trekking and best place to stay and signature dishes to try out or just blog about your dream travel destinations you want to visit in future and your travel resolutions for the year.

We have put together some useful tips to help you feel organised and relaxed ahead of your trip. Get Suggestions on tourists nearby to connect with via geolocation grouping on the app.



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