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Welcome to the Video Editor & Maker With Music And Photos & Text application. This is a full set of features in just photo video maker slideshow with music application.

You can do everything with this photo slideshow with music maker application: create video from photos and music, video cut and join and add music to video, insert text to video, edit video with effects, adjust video speed.

If you still wonder how to have video maker of photos with song, please refer to the following 3 simple steps to make DIY video:
[1] Record video or select photos to make video, video shooting camera with music
[2] Add music, stickers, captions, and special effects to your videos
[3] Save and Share videos on social networks

If you already know how to have video creator photo slide with music, let's take a look at the detailed features of the app:

1. Video Shooting
+ Choose speed to record video
+ Many shimmering filters to record video
+ Video recorder with music and filter

2. Edit video professional 📸
+ Video cutter: trim video, retain only the part you want
+ Crop and trim video, cut video editor
+ Speed: Make slow motion video and fast forward video. Slow fast video maker
+ Set the frame rate to suit your needs
+ Video editor effects: press and hold to add unique effects to your video, edit video with cool effects
+ Sticker: A unique sticker store that makes your videos special. You can choose the time that appears for each sticker
+ Add music to video
+ Add text to video: select the color, font, time the text appears on the video, add subtitle to video. Do not hesitate to make videos from pictures and music with text today! Text to video maker

3. Make video slideshow with music and picture 💝
Make image slideshow with effects and music, picture slideshow with music with the following video cutter and joiner options:

+ Diverse themes
+ Lots of transition effects. You can edit video effects for each slide
+ Music 🎶: You can choose a song from your music library and select the duration of each song, add music to video

We work hard to create the best video maker with music and photos and text, video filters and effects features. If you have any questions about this video and picture slideshow maker app, please comment below.
Do not forget to rate 5* slideshow with music maker app to support the developer!

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