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Cred Calk

发行商: Igor Profit
价格: 免费


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So you are here, so you are looking for an easy way to calculate your monthly payment on your potential loan!)

Why did we do it? Everything is simple! We ourselves are tired of contacting each bank separately to calculate the monthly loan payment. It is not easier to simply and quickly calculate this monthly payment to the bank in one application, knowing only the loan rate, loan amount and loan term.

We got confused, found out what formula the bank employees use. Of course, it was not easy, but we found out)) And stuffed this formula into our application.

Why an application and not a website? Yes, because the whole world lives on the phone and apps. They are fast, comfortable and can be taken anywhere. By the way, our application works even if you do not have the Internet on your phone, because we are honorably in love with you, our beloved users and we want to make your life easier and easier so that you spend time not on routine, but allow yourself more rest from it. of a big and fast world, so that you stop, rest, relax and spend time with loved ones, so that you are healthy, full of strength and positive energy. And the rest, the applications will take over!)

BUT, since we decided to take upon ourselves the implementation of complex, monotonous and monotonous cases on ourselves, in the future we will still collect different offers from banks in our application, compare their conditions, sort, filter, not only by conditions, but also, we will evaluate reviews from real users. What do they say about this or that bank, how they relate to it, like / dislike how they treated it in this bank and, most importantly, whether this client will return to the bank or not. We will assign grades and show you all this, and in one place you will immediately see all loan options with grades and you will choose one based on these options! Thus, we will again do the tedious and uninteresting work for you) And you have more rest! But this is all in the future, while we only consider the monthly payment on the loan. We will write the course of events in the updates)) Follow!

The Cred Calk app can only be used by citizens 18 years of age or older.
The app operates in accordance with federal credit activity laws.
Our app does NOT issue loans online and is NOT a bank. In the application, you can calculate the monthly loan amount, after a while a list with the best bank conditions will be available, which will allow you to choose the most favorable credit terms!

Loan calculation example:
For example, for 80 days you need 50,000 conventional units. The daily interest rate on the loan will be 1% per day (365% per year). The total cost of the loan is 365% per annum.
For 80 days of using the loan, the amount of interest will be 40,000 conventional units, and the total amount to be repaid will be 90,000 conventional units. Conventional units mean the currency of each country.


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