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Do you feel the way we do?

Beutics App will not disappoint you. If You:

1. Love to Look Good, Feel Well and Stay Fit.
2. Wish to book your favourite staff at Salon, Spa, Fitness 24 x 7.
3. Simply love being pampered at home.
4. Find it hard to search for stores that offer Value for Money.
5. Often scamper last minute, looking to Gift friends.
6. Are addicted to Google to find answers to your beauty and fitness doubts.
7. Don’t enjoy taking risks! Often Clarifying doubts before trying a new service.
8. Have a habit to Earn and Save from Cashback!
9. Have a weakness to hunt for Bargains & Offers!

Then Beutics is the perfect app for you. It lets you book a local spa, salon, fitness or cosmetic dermatology in just a tap. The highly advanced app also enables you to visit each store virtually without actually stepping into it physically, so that you know what experience awaits you.

The App category and list of services you can find on the App:
Salon - Hair Cut & Style, Facial, Mani-Pedi, Makeup, Henna and more
Spa - Massage, Ayurveda and more
Aesthetics - Laser, dental treatment and more
Fitness - Gym, Yoga, Boxing, Dance, Zumba and more
Also, avail the on-demand services at Home

Here’s what you can do with the Beutics app:

Explore Services Around You – Check out all the available beauty, spa, clinical aesthetics, and fitness services around you, and choose one or multiple services to book an online appointment. You can also request these services at home.

Set Your Filters – Your time is precious. That’s why we have created intelligent filters that let you sort results by price, proximity, or maximum cashback. Does it get any better?

Embrace Change Made Easy – Seeing is believing and we believe in setting the expectations right. Use the ‘Zoom In’ feature to zoom inside your local beauty stores and clinics before visiting them. You will find details, such as the products used, staff competency, user ratings, etc. to make the right choice for your requirement.

Get Real Reviews - Beutics app enables users to write and read reviews written by other users. Get detailed feedback on the relevant aspects to make an informed decision.

Offers & Spectacular Offers –You will find offers like never before! Further on, Beutics App curates offers that are truly spectacular and bargains. Simply giving reasons to spoil you.

Real-time Booking – Book your appointments 24 x 7 with any store and further with your choice of staff after seeing their available slots in real-time. No more phone calls or queues, simply tap and book.

Earn Cashback on Every Order - Beutics promises to earn and saving with cashback on every online order and every physical order at a clinic in the aesthetics category. Provide proof of your invoice for the physical purchase at an aesthetics clinic, and we shall credit your cashback immediately. The best part is that you can use your cashback anywhere. Imagine, spend at the gym and take beauty service using the earned cashback!

Share and Earn – Need more reasons? Beutics rewards your efforts with appreciation through more cashback. Earn up to AED 2500 by merely sharing the Beutics app.

Gifting Gets Easy – Beutics makes it easy to Gift your near and dear ones by gifting a service or gift cards to top up your friends’ wallets, which they can use to get their preferred service, therapy, or massage at a salon.

Expert Forum – Got any beauty & fitness doubts? We are sure you do! Move over from Google and let the experts answer your queries to ensure you get the right resolution. Simply post your genuine concerns or queries online and get the answers you seek in a jiffy.



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