Golf Champions: Swing of Glory

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Welcome to the new free-to-play golf app: Golf Champions!
Compete against people from all around the world in Golf with 1v1 gameplay.

- Our game is created for a wide audience, so it is easy to play but hard to master!
- Both beginners and pros will enjoy this colorful and intuitive game.
- The goal is to unlock and complete your collection of various exciting golfers (not clubs or balls as in the other golf games). Each golfer (up to 20) come with their own stats and special abilities.
- Feel the rush of competition as you climb in the leagues to become a Golf Champion.
- Each tournament and live event will allow you to win rewards. These rewards can include upgrades for your golfers or a package of powerful special golf balls.
- Through the game you will play on a variety of outdoor courses that are more beautiful, realistic and challenging comparatively against each other.
- By playing Golf Champions you will relax and become addicted to your daily game at the same time.
- Join a passionate community on our social media and share your strategies or ask your questions at Facebook, Twitter and Gamepedia

A network connection is required to play this game.
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