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Avatar Maker: Couple of Cats

发行商: Avatars Makers Factory
价格: 免费


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Sworn enemies, loyal friends or cooing lovers? It's up to you to decide with our new avatar maker, where anyone can create a beautiful pair of cats!
In this character constructor, you draw two cats at once! We've added a lot of items so that you can easily create your own original character (OC) or ship your favorite couple from books or cartoons. The setting isn't a problem either! You can get wild forest warriors, or house cats who won't take a step without their master.
You can customize the eyes, mouth, color, add wings, outfits (just like in dress up) and much more. And you can share the resulting picture with your friends or set it as your wallpaper.
The cartoon/anime style will make a big impression and definitely draw attention to you.

☆ Flexible customization of the character's color: support of the variety of spots and different-colored eyes
☆ A variety of accessories, including kittens, to create a real feline family
☆ Each character can be either a boy or girl cat. Just add eyelashes!
☆ Everything is available without needing to spend real money, and the app even works without the Internet
☆ Ability to save images to your gallery or easily share them with friends

Try to create the cats of your dreams! Use the finished drawing as an illustration for a story or as part of a comic strip (=^・ェ・^=)


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909 条评价

I love the improvements made in this one and how it carried over to some of the others like dragon maker!! The art style is pleasant too. The only thing it needs is more parts.


i love this app but add a update were we all can chage the position of da paws please and more back grownds i luv these




I love this. Also can you guys make more chibi or not full body human ones? Or even anthro?


This game is so fun to play, you design the two cats anyway you want. I really love cats so this game is prr-fect for me! To me it is really fun to play on long road trips because it will keep you busy designing your ckc ckc stands for cute kitty couple. So let me know what you think about this game and have a great Thanksgiving! ❤


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