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Bicycle Maintenance Guide for Android

发行商: Bicycle Maintenance Guide Ltd
价格: 3.93 USD


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A great insight to how a professional bike mechanic works.

The app is the most expansive bicycle repair guide in the Play Store with over 88 sections, 35 professionally filmed videos totalling over 4 hours of footage, 100+ high resolution images and over 25,000 words.

The app is broken up into 5 areas, these are:-

• Exclusive access to our private YouTube channel featuring 32 professionally shot HD video tutorials presented by Chuck Buckley, a UK professional cycling team Head Mechanic. These videos are not available on-line without this app.
• Each video tutorial is backed up with a list of tools required and fully presented step by step instructions with hi-resolution photographs.
• In total there is over 4 hours of professionally filmed video footage

• A unique feature with ‘get out of jail’ tricks that will get the rider home after a major breakdown at the roadside. One video shows how to use a £5 note to repair a torn tyre.
• Each of these videos also backed up with a list of tools required and fully presented step by step instructions with hi-resolution photographs.

• Annotated and clearly labelled hi-resolution photographs of each component on a bicycle. By fully explaining what each part does, the user will have a fuller understanding of the components, giving them the confidence to adjust and maintain that part.

• Easy to follow steps to help diagnose and remedy those common problems with your bicycle.

• Exclusive servicing guide written by Chuck Buckley encompassing weekly, monthly and annual servicing of your bicycle.

• Links to our social media pages and website.
• Link to email us with any questions or offer your feedback. We are always looking at ways to improve.
• Simply and fully explained instructions in plain English for both casual and serious riders alike.


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46 条评价

Just not for me I downloaded this app through a mountain bike page in Hope's that it would help with the process of repairs looking in 1 place but it just doesn't do it for me. I find the videos very bland, lacking context and using a bike that's not broke to fix a problem really doesn't show how to do it on an actual broken bike. Certain parts of processes are skipped and there is only 2 real camera angles, it's a great idea but the app doesnt offer enough for me to justify paying for it.


I'm rebuilding my commuter bike using this app to walk me through it, it's absolutely brilliant, well explained and easy to follow.


My bike went into crash mode today, Whilst out on a ride. With the help from friends I managed to reset it, but the gears was all over the place afterwards. I had no idea how to adjust Di2 gears, but with more then a little help from this great app, I had it sorted in no time. This is just one of many times this app as help me👍👍


Fantastic application, intuitive to navigate and contains everything you need in one compact package. Contains everything you need plus more for doing maintenance on a bike and has videos for each component where applicable. Ian was also super helpful with a query I had and responded in a timely manner. In short I would highly recommend.


After getting back into cycling I downloaded the app to help with some basic maintenance for a road bike in need of some TLC. I was expecting the app to give me a little more info than what I already knew, however it had much more than I anticipated. The written instructions were precise, clear and easy to follow accompanied by a video that painted the picture. It has everything you need to conduct more than just basic maintanance. The App is a steal at the price, a must app for riders 👍🏻


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