Creature Resort

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Create the perfect destination filled with enchanted creature comforts.
Meet weird and wonderful characters and keep them happy during their stay.
Take a moment to relax and immerse yourself in the magic of their world.

Part town-builder, part creature-collector… one hundred percent cute!

Craft and cultivate a Creature Resort filled with villas and amenities, then see who visits. Customise layouts and themes to see if you can attract an ancient deity, a mysterious artisan or a pesky spirit.

☆.*。・゚✫*. Peaceful gameplay in a charming world… ☆.*。・゚✫*.
- Begin with a humble island and expand to a resort empire.
- Let your new friend Lyla help you get set up!
- Match accommodation and decoration styles to make it yours.
- Choose facilities that cater to Active or Relaxed guests.
- Who will be at the gates… A spooky lantern critter? A pompous unicorn prince?
- These unbelievably cute creatures come from various unique tribes!
- Play host to your guests and give them the best experience.
- Be strategic. Balance interests, climate, and more to create a distinctive vacation spot.
- Keep guests’ happiness up to raise the popularity of your resort.
- Earn rewards from satisfied customers to upgrade parks, pools, gyms and more!

☆.*。・゚✫*. Other features that make Creature Resort truly magic ☆.*。・゚✫*.
- Beautiful low poly, 3D artwork with a neon pastel colour palette
- Play in short bursts through the day to make your spare moments magical
- A relaxing atmosphere with soothing music
- Speed the magic along with boosters

Your weary guests have come here to rejuvenate. The Blossorb at the centre of the resort powers everything, and is the source of their energy. Creature Resort is not just a sanctuary for your guests but a little pocket haven for you to visit throughout your day. We hope you enjoy your resort as much as your guests do!


This game has ads and optional in-app purchases.

Hello, we’re BIGUMAKU! We make mobile games for everyone, and are committed to making games with stunning artwork and playful mechanics.
Come visit us at or @BIGUMAKU on Twitter and Instagram.

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