Nanha Arjun: Training Grounds

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Train Nanha arjun to become the best archer in the world in the battlegrounds set up by Dronacharya. Enter into the world of live action with awesome AAA Graphics and gameplay and defeat all your enemies . Are you up for the challenge?

Chhota arjun is a mythological action game where you have to use your skills and magic to defeat asuras and Rakshasas in your way on the map.Only if firing arrows were so simple, you have to be alert and careful in battling your enemies.

Collect health and mana when you defeat the asuras and Rakshasas . Mana will give you magical powers and you can shoot magical arrows at your enemies.

Boss enemies or Rakshasas appear and attack you after you defeat your agility and kill them before they get you. Divine creatures, Garuda will also attack you by air , so save yourself, speed and agility are the key to defeat them all! Show that Nanha Arjun has always been better warrior than his brothers with rivalry of bheem who are supposed to be the strongest of all. So are you ready for the epic adventure?

🔸 Play with Nanha Arjun
🔸 Compete with other enemies - can you become the best in all worlds?
🔸 Meet your favorite super-hero and help him to train with Dronacharya
🔸 Unlock multiple different powers that will help you on in your journey!
🔸 Find hidden runes and surprises!
🔸 Defeat Asuras and Rakshasas which will keep on updating
🔸 Collect all the bows and try them all!
🔸 Boost your special-powers for even better results!
🔸 Show how much you can achieve in the endless training mode!
🔸 Enjoy nice music and sounds!



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