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Boka - Make Chat Easier

发行商: Goodman Team
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Welcome on Boka****✨ - the new fast-growing 🔥 entertainment APP!

Boka is an interactive social platform for young and active people that makes it easy to communicate👫👭, share happiness💃🏃 , enjoy moments 📸 , and meet new friends worldwide 🌍. Instant text message, audio, gift sharing will bring you an excellent experience! Download to say hello, chat & talk now!

✨**Lovely Features:**✨

✅ Chat with strangers and make friends all over the world. 🌏

✅ Fun text & voice chat to get more vibe. 📸

✅ Safe local chat & live talk community. 👮

✅ Instant Messages (IM), has lovely text bubbles flying on the live chat screen. 💬

✅ Full-screen and high-quality pictures for showing freely. 💁‍♀️

✅ Relevant notifications inform you about new likes, messages, and matches and other activities. 🔔

✅ Safe and Secure, we care about your safety, so you don’t have to worry about exposing yourself to the internet. 🔒

💡**Tips for Better Experience:**💡

👉**Like & Say HI**:

- Follow friends! Boka will instantly push notifications when your following friends get online. So you can get online and start to live chat with them on time.
- Easy say Hello to your friends.

👉**Preview Profile & Choose Online Friends**

- You can preview your friends' profiles to check whether they like you.
- Start a quick call with your friends.

👉**Get Boka VIP Membership**

Subscribe and become Boka VIP Members to enjoy more Privileges than general users.

- Able to view the profile of users worldwide and initiate chats with others.
- Unlimited Chat Message, can send text, voice, pictures to anyone.
- You have the chance to be in our Hero list and get exposed to all users.

👉**Gems system**

- You can also use coins to send gifts to your best friends!

👉**Professional Report System**

- Our priority is to provide and maintain a satisfying environment. We have zero-tolerance on nudity, offensive, or any other inappropriate content.
- If you met some bad behaviors during chatting, you can report and we will block users or devices instantly after verification.

If you enjoy instant chat and voice message , share with lovely friends for fun!

☎️We are always open to constructive criticism, and we are glad to see your feedback. Any iusses "better mail saul". >>

**Download Boka now** and get ready to connect to the world, it is just one HI away. 🗺

Lots of Love ,

Boka Team


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