Supercar Car Wash

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Switch as a mechanic and take care of damaged and dirty cars in the garage,
You must complete the tasks that must be completed.
This entertaining and exciting game cleans the car and takes care of it, its main purpose
so that the car is clean again so that the driver feels happy.

A cute car is very dirty, you will be directed to do important tasks,
i.e. stain the car body with a special spray, clean dust,
rinse with water, wipe with a special cleaning cloth, and try to drive it.

This cleaning game is perfect for garage car wash games, to enjoy
change dirty car to clean again, you get a chance to clean this funny car.
to drive it, do the task to clean and repair the race car.

Use a variety of techniques to complete the task of cleaning and washing properly,
so you can drive it, you will be busy with a lot of tasks.
various funny racing cars will come asking to clean and fix it.
maintain your skills to keep the car clean.

Become a reliable mechanic and question your expertise well,
this game is very fun if you finish and follow all the directions.



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