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My Sky

发行商: Sky UK Limited
价格: 免费


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The My Sky app is here. With a fresh new look and feel.

You spoke, we listened and now My Sky makes it easier than ever. From managing your account, to paying your bill and getting help.

Key features:

• Join Sky VIP – the loyalty programme that gets more rewarding the longer you’re with us. It’s our way of saying thank you
• View and manage your account
See the offers and upgrades available to you.
• Check and pay your bills, view your future costs, and change your payment details to suit you
• Keep up-to-date with the latest updates about your Sky account and services
• Keep an eye on your broadband speed and usage
• Fix broadband problems quickly using our broadband diagnostic tool and solve common issues fast with our step-by-step guides. And if you still need to contact us, we’ll put you in touch with a Sky expert right there in the app
• Track your Sky Mobile order from dispatch to delivery, and view your credit agreement

**Terms and Conditions**
Please read our terms and conditions before using the app. You can find them at


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15755 条评价

Am won't load anything no more I uninstalled it about 2 month ago reinstalled it today and still won't open any of my vip pages 😡😠😡


I thought it had the capability for live chat, where is it? Keeps directing to the website so like other comments and reviews, it's only use is checking your account and updating your data usage.


Won't let you see or pay your bill, needs an update


Rubbish app... no privacy... very slow web page. can't even get my own details.. i recently bought a phone samsung galaxy A51 and received email about downloading sky app so i can find and see all my details and agreement. I downloaded the app but it was only giving me details about my wife's sky account which i wasn't needed. I tried hard but couldn't find agreement and any other details about my the phone. Totally disappointed....


Always there.😀


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