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Track your money in one easy place to help you save. Connect credit cards, daily banking and superannuation accounts to gain valuable insights. Create budgets on your everyday expenses and set goals for those dream purchases.

Powerful features:
• Connect your accounts: Money Manager securely syncs to all of your financial accounts, including bank accounts and credit card, so your transactions appear in the app automatically. It is linked to hundreds of financial institutions in Australia; chances are yours is one of them.
• Track your spending: Money Manager automatically categorises your spending (e.g. groceries, petrol, medical) and calculates how much you spend in each category in a week, month, quarter and/or year. You can see where your money’s going and what you might have to cut back on.
• Create budgets: Once you’ve got an idea of where your money goes, you can set weekly, monthly, quarterly and/or annual limits for each spending category; and allow Money Manager to warn you if you’re at risk of exceeding them. This can help you stick to your budget.
Manage your bills: Money Manager can notify you of upcoming bills, so you remember to pay them on time and avoid any late fees.
• Set financial goals: Saving for an overseas holiday, a new car, a wedding, your first home? Trying to pay off a debt (e.g. a maxed-out credit card)? Money Manager enables you to set financial goals and see your progress towards achieving them.
• Secure to use: The information about your transactions and balances is read-only data — it cannot be intentionally or accidentally changed. And no one (not even you) can move money in or out of your accounts via Money Manager.

More Features:
• Editable dashboard – arrange the overview of your finances the way you want it.
• Automatic categorisation of transactions, plus the ability to manually recategorise (even if the transaction is still pending).
• Flexible budgeting timeframes (e.g. a weekly budget for eating out, a quarterly one for council rates).
• Simple and easy-to-understand graphs and charts to help you visualise your financial status.
• Insights into your spending patterns, so you can make any necessary adjustments.
• Ability to divide ATM cash withdrawals across different spending categories.



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