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Ghost Seeker - 心霊探索機 -

发行商: 武士Droid
价格: 0.04 USD


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○What's GhostSeeker?
The ghost around you is searched from an original algorithm and displayed.
It is radar of the fortune-telling formation type, and green→yellow→red and blinking change as the ghost approaches the Taikyoku chart of the center(point where you are).
The member radar of fortune-telling rotates in accordance with a direction.
In north is "玄武", In east is "青龍", In west is "白虎", In south is "朱雀".

○Operation explanation
・Purification button
 It is except ghost only one. when there is a ghost while it is the Taikyoku chart(center).
・Amulet button
 The ghost in the vicinity of the Taikyoku chart(center) is bundled off to the distance.
・Data button
 The type of the ghost that radar catches is displayed now.

○About the color of the appearance ghost
・blue→There is no worry of harm.
・yellow&orange→It is necessary to note it.
・red&purple→It is dangerous ghost.

○Kind of soul shown with data
・tribe:ghost,spirit of a dead,wraith,vengeful ghost,evil spirit,wrong soul,phantom
・soul:wandering ghost,restligeists,animal spirits,fate ghost,poltergeist,possession ghost,hungry ghost,curse,evil consequence,grudge

○For use
・The except ghost actually cannot be done, and kept away though uses the real thing by the purification and the amulet.
・Please consult a near church or temple when the result using this application program and psychic phenomena happen.

○Change history
ver1.15 - It corresponds to the arbitrary screen resolution of 400x800 or more.
ver1.14 - While having started the application, it changed so that a screen might not be sleeping.
ver1.13 - The display method of the members of fortune-telling was changed.
ver1.12 - The members of fortune-telling came to move in accordance with the direction.
ver1.1 - It changed availably from Android version 2.0 or more.
ver1.2&1.3 - The distinction kind of soul increases and the bitter orange and purple in addition to the current blue, yellow, and red have increased.
ver1.4 - The accuracy of radar that captured the spirit was changed.
ver1.5 - The data displayed in the scroll was corrected.
ver1.6&1.7 - The display method of the scroll changed.
ver1.8&1.9 - The display method of the roll changed.
After a display, if the tap of the screen is carried out, it will return.
ver1.10 - The accuracy of the probe was changed.
ver1.11 - Bug fix


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