Tute: Juego De Cartas

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*** How to Play ***

Before starting the game tute:
- On the dashboard is the deck of cards face down.
- Below the deck face is placed above the letter designating the trump suit.
- Each player receives eight cards. Only the player can see his cards.

Instructions starting tute:
- The game consists of 20 rounds. In each round, each player rolls a letter.
- The starting player takes the upcard.
- If the next player has cards of the suit led must then deliver them compulsory. But it does not stop there, but also has an obligation to go to win the trick. Whereupon, if you have a card of the same suit and greater value than his opponent must release it. It may be that the second player has no card of the same suit. In this case, the player should launch a letter from the trump suit, which beat its rival. If none of the above conditions occurs, the player will have no choice but to go to lose the trick. It will launch any card of another suit. The round is won by the player who played the highest card of the trump suit or the one who played the highest card of the suit led.
- The player who wins a round collects the letters of the round.
- After each round, each player receives a card from the deck.
- Before starting a round the starting player can change the triumph beneath the deck 7 the same suit. 7 can be changed by 2.
- In between you will be doing a series of chants. Chants occur when a player has in hand the king and horse of the same suit. You can sing forty taking into hand these two figures of the trump and earn 40 points; and twenty will be sung when you have another stick figures than the triumph, in this case 20 points are obtained.
Game over:
- Each player gets the sum of points obtained with the letters of the round won more points chants.
- The player with the most points is the winner.

*** *** value of cards

The value of the cards in the tute is the same for every club.
The distribution of points is:

- Ace: 11 points
- Three: 10 points
- King: 4 points
- Horse: 3 points
- Sota: 2 points

The same order scoring a winning card is the strength of the letter. The order of the letters greater force to lower Ace, 3, King, Knight, Sota, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 and 2.

Total cards accumulate 120 points.



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