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CALMEAN Control Center

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The CALMEAN Control Center app is dedicated to parental control and protection. This app is intended for parents who are concerned for their children, and do not want to allow them to use their mobile devices in an uncontrolled manner.

With the CALMEAN Control Center, you can check your child’s location, see their activities online, check their screen time (time they spend on their smartphones), or set a parental lock on phone usage if you deem it necessary.

You can protect all your children - simply set a separate account for each of them. Installation only takes 3 simple steps: 1: 1) Download the app 2) Create a free CALMEAN account 3) Add the child's phone.

You are then in control of your child's smartphone. You can then:

1. Set how long and when your child can use applications & games on their mobile device (so they do not neglect school and other choreses).

2. Be certain that your child does not download inappropriate applications such as those with violence or pornography. You will also be notified about any new applications added to their phone and you can block or accept each of them.

3. See your child’s exact location.

4. View who your child contacts – and whether they receive any suspicious text messages or calls. / * Note: this feature is temporarily unavailable - it is verified by Google

5. Thanks to geo-fencing you will know when your child is in an inappropriate place (e.g. leaves school during classes).

6. You can check whether your child uses safe websites - by reviewing their online activity.

7. You can block access to the device when you think your child spends too much time on it.

8. You can direct chat with Your child.

... and much more.

Thanks to these functions, your parental care over your children or family members will be discreet, but effective.

Install the application on the Parent's mobile device. Then, you simply add the child’s device you wish to protect. You will receive the link to the Parental Control app for the child’s phone in further steps of the setup. Then you install the separate Parental Control application on your child's mobile device;


After you install the CALMEAN Control Center on the Parent phone, you will also have access to instructional videos within the app. You will also receive a series of e-mails to help you understand all the functionalities of CALMEAN.

Any further help is always available by sending an email to:

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