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Camfrog: Flirt & Group Video Chat with Strangers

发行商: Camshare Inc.
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Camfrog is a free video chat community that allows people to make new friends globally on any compatible device! Meet, flirt, group video chat with millions of members who are waiting to meet you! Be anonymous, chat with strangers in live chatrooms, or be your true self. Chat to meet, flirt, and connect with people all over the world!

Join one of our thousands of group chat rooms to text, voice, flirt and video chat live about music, politics, sports, and more — whatever your interests, there’s a chatroom for everyone. Cam up for karaoke, or if you’re camera-shy, you can use Camfrog to make one-to-one private video calls.

Camfrog is here to help you meet new people
FREE: text, voice, and live video chat with friends with no messaging fees!
EARN REWARDS: Earn free Virtual Gifts when you complete daily streaks like going on cam in a group chat or sending gifts every day!
EXCLUSIVE VIRTUAL GIFT STORE: send and receive virtual stickers and gifts exclusive to Camfrog. Try sending gifts as an icebreaker with a hello message to meet new people and find friends. Each gift sent or received earns points toward special status as a Camfrog member.
DYNAMIC AND ADAPTABLE: works on any device. Camfrog can run in the background of your device if you want to listen to your favorite chat room, have a private video call or live video chat with a friend while you do something else.
PUBLIC OR PRIVATE: join one of our thousands of live group chat rooms and hop on cam for a group video call; for privacy, try text messaging, video calling or voice calling in a private one-to-one chat room.
INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY, LOCAL FLAVOR: Camfrog has a chatroom for anyone. Whether you’re looking to meet new people, make friends, video chat, flirt, learn a new language, listen to music, discuss issues in your city or just start a live group video chat with like-minded people.
UNLIMITED VIDEO: view an unlimited number of high-quality live cams in groups and rooms that interest you.

If you like our apps, please take a moment to rate us. For bug reports or complaints, email We read and reply to every message.
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Facebook: @Camfrog
Twitter: @Camfrog
Instagram: @CamfrogLive

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