Wood Working - 3D Carving Shop

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Satisfying wood carving art that you make while it turns. Sculpt like a pro! Work on the spinning piece of wood by selecting a chisel to use to carve the wood. Once you have selected the chisel you wish to use to sculpt to piece of wood begin by dragging your finger on the screen into the piece of wood. Make sure to look at the image of the finished piece of wood to know what to do to your own piece of wood.

Customers will come to you with their own design plans that you, the woodworker can do. This is a very satisfying game that has plenty of ASMR to go around. Earn money for all of the wood working you do. Save the money and don't spend it, because that's what a smart wood worker would do! Especially when the only thing you do in this game is carve wood.

Sculpt masterpieces. Stick to the design plans or make your own. It's really up to you. If you want to earn more stars then you should stick to the wood working prototype. That way you earn more money. Nobody said you couldn't go on and do your own wood working masterpiece though, you'll just earn less money.

There are an unlimited amount of levels so the wood carving will never end. There's ASMR satisfaction filled up in this game, so if you enjoy a good ASMR satisfying game, then this is the one of you. Become a pro wood worker, all while enjoying the sweet satisfaction that comes with the finished wood working product. Sculpt like you've never sculpted before, and show off to your friends how much money you have made while wood working. Share with your friends your creations, and see their wood working skills as well. This game is fun for the whole family. Everyone can wood work!

Try this game out for free, take it out and play once in a while when you have time to carve some wooden masterpieces. There's lot's of stress free fun to be had while wood working, so have fun, make some nice artistic masterpieces, and wood work!

• Unlimited Levels
• Earn Money for your carvings
• Woodwork like a pro!
• Sculpt masterpieces



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