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Have you ever dreamed of opening any car on the street from your cell phone? 🚘 Download now the application for the control of car keys with which you can simulate the sounds of opening 🔓 of any vehicle in the world, no matter the manufacturer, we have a wide range of different keys with which you can simulate the opening of the front and rear doors as well as the trunk. Without a doubt, it will be the best way to play a joke on your friends and trick them into thinking that you can open any vehicle parked on the street by remote control.

App features

✚ Intuitive interface and high quality graphics
✚ Many different models of car keys
✚ All manufacturers and brands of vehicles on the market, from classic cars, compacts, limousines, sports cars...
✚ Size of the lightweight app so it can be downloaded from anywhere in the world
✚ No Internet connection required
✚ Updates and ongoing support
✚ Hyper realistic sounds and graphics
✚ European, English, American, Japanese, French, German, etc. car keys
✚ Support for Smartphones and Tablets of any resolution

Make fun of your friends and family by getting the sound of doors opening, hoods being opened, car alarm being locked and unlocked, etc. With this remote control you can be the most joker of the group, making your loved ones believe that you have opened a car with your smartphone or tablet.

Play with Car Key Lock as much as you like. Best of all? You won't mess up your car alarm, because you'll be making a realistic simulation of the sound of any car you encounter.

Soon, the Car Key App will include support for vibration, more realistic sounds, higher resolution key images and backgrounds, and more.


All names, alarm sounds and trademarks used in this simulation application belong to their respective owners and have been used for non-profit purposes.



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