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Anime School Girl: Yadenre School Life Simulation

发行商: Cunning Fox Games
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Let's us welcome you to an amazing anime high school girl life simulator games 2021. A brand new release in the category of yandere school life games is finally here. Which allows you to enjoy life as beautiful japanese anime school girl in japanese high school life simulator games 2021. you might have been playing anime school girl games or virtual high school girl games for a while now but if you are still looking for some extra fun or excitement then welcome to this amazing high school girl game with a quick download now and start your ride on the roller coaster of fun and action packed activities now.

So what are you waiting for just tap on the download button now and start your anime school life in a virtual high school simulator games now. In this high school girl simulator you will live life as an anime girl or high school girl who is new in a school and the school fellows want to tease her in different ways. Now you have to decide whether you want to live as a boring school girl or you will become a pretty school girl an angry yandere and will rock the rest of your school days. In order to find your fate in this anime high school girl you have to download this happening anime high school simulator games now and change the course of your virtual life the way you want in the amazing story line of anime high school sakura life simulation.

Recall your school life days with this amazing anime school girl yandere life and relive all the fun moments of virtual school life with your class fellows and friends. In this highschool yandere girl games, be the most popular anime school girl sim of your virtual highschool. Your school conducts different competitions; like karate, football and many other sports. Participate in them and win the best anime school girl sim title.

Don’t be scared of the highschool bully in this school life simulator, stand out from the rest of the virtual school boys and girls and teach bullies a lesson,defend your anime school girl class fellows. Be the only yandere schoolgirl in your anime school girl simulator. Pass the class quizzes by cheating in them, but don’t get caught by the highschool teacher. Bunk classes and spend time with your cute anime boyfriend; enjoy your yandere life as a cute anime highschool girl.

Don't miss out on this lucky chance to have all the fun from this anime school girl japanese school life simulation. You'll fall in love with this anime school girl game. Enjoy the eye pleasing sakura school life environment. The real anime school girl sounds will amaze you. DOWNLOAD NOW and be a part of best anime school girl sim 2021.

Features of this amazing anime school girl japanese school life simulation:
- 😉Unique and full of excitement of game play with pranks, fights, sports and other school activities not seen in many school days simulator games.
- 🎮 Smooth and easy to handle controls for high school games.
-🔥❤️ High Detailed 3D characters of anime school girls and boys.
-😍Multiple Levels with an engaging storyline for anime girl games.
-🎼Sounds effects to add up to your game play school girl games.


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