Furious Limo Car Driving & Racing

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Furious Limo Car Driving & Racing is a latest driving and racing simulator with realistic physics for Limo Car/limousine. Have you ever been driving car the limousine and racing in furious city? If not, ok, here we go.

You will play two roles in this limo car driving and racing game, limo taxi driver and limo car racer. We made two driving modes for you.

The firs unlocked one is career mode, 40 cool levels for different mission, where you are a limo taxi driver. Your job is driving limo car to pick up some very important persons and transport them to their destinations. To provide your VIP passenger with good driving service and don’t be late. In return, you will get paid well. Earn more money, unlock more limo cars.

The second locked is Free Run mode, which can be unlocked when win 36 stars in career mode. Or you can pay for unlocking it anytime. In this mode, you are a limo car racer. You can drive your limo car and race in furious city. Sounds cool, right? So, what are you waiting for? Go and start the engine, step on the clutch, engage a gear, let’s drive and race for the fast and the furious.

☀8 nice limo cars;
☀2 different modes;
☀40 different limo taxi missions;
☀Realistic physics and gameplay;
☀Easy controls like tilt, buttons or steering wheel;
☀Different camera views;
☀Detailed and realistic city
☀24 hour environment;
☀Fantastic 3D map;
☀Abundant customizations for limo car;
☀Digital Goods: first-purchase rewards, currency packs, remove ads and special offer;

★NOTE: Furious Limo Car Driving & Racing is a free limo car racing game on Google Play and supported by Ad.



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