Yellow Jacket Mantooth - P51 Chart Buddy Titan P51

发行商: Kevin Kesler
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Mantooth & Yellow Jacket P51 Graphing and Chart App that unlocks the full potential of the Titan P51 Manifold by displaying the data graphically for the most user friendly experience. See even the most comprehensive data in easy to use color line graph format. You can customize each line on the graph or turn any line off. New graphs are opened to the same visual preference as the last opened file.

Instant gratification is easy to attain on the go with just a cable between the two devices allowing you to connect your android device directly to your Titan P51-870, copy the files to your android device and display them the way you prefer to see and remember. Your file manager can be used to explore and copy. You can browse directly to your manifold memory within the app and display the data directly from your manifold, but i prefer to make a copy and disconnect.

I developed and tested this app running on the newest Samsung Note9.

This app is designed specifically for use with the Ritchie Yellow Jacket P51-870 Manifold and a companion android device.

Screenshots provide quick easy access to share data with others, generate reports, or simply document the technical data for service call records.



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