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Filter calls and the unwanted callers. Easily add any number to the list, so you can avoid it next time. Stop wasting time on endless calls from unwanted callers. Now you can just add it to the list and next time you won’t even have to see it appear.

Simple to use and can be applied on different devices and on different situations. It can be used to get away from annoying and persistent people who wish to bother you, telemarketing services and hidden numbers. You can even import or export a list.

It is intended for all ages. Once you add a specific person, he won’t appear again on your device, so pay attention who you are adding, so you will have the conversations you want and won’t miss anything important.
Accurate and saves you time. Don’t get bothered by different time wasters during the day, just eliminate them. In fact, once you remove the unwanted ones, you can save a good amount of time daily, which can add up to plenty of time (depends of how severe the problem was). You can apply it instantly after getting a conversation which wasted you time. Effective and easy to use – pressing on the plus sign will lead you to a simple form, where you type the name and the details, so next time the app will eliminate it before you have a chance to view it, so it won’t interrupt your day to day routine.

Please leave your reviews if you found our product helpful and it is helping you become more productive. We will appreciate your support. You can even email us with specific requirements that we will try to fulfill (also bug reports will be very much appreciated).


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