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maybe: Interactive Stories

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Maybe: Interactive Stories is the HOTTEST new romance story app where YOU star in the story! We team up with top authors, famous webtoon creators, and never-before-seen stars to bring you the best role-playing games, every week!
Choose your story and fall in love with a new adventure in genres like: Sweet & Steamy Romance, Fantasy, LGBT+ Love Stories, Drama, Young Adult, and more!

- Download today to enjoy FREE romance stories where YOU decide what happens!
- Each interactive chapter features fantastic illustrations, exciting choices, and lifelike animated characters to fall in love with!
- Create YOUR character to come to life in a brand-new story game!
- YOU choose what to say, who to fall for, and how to make them yours.
- The path and ending of YOUR story will change based on your choices!
- Maybe's episodes are jam-packed with exciting twists and turns!
- Romance stories have NEVER been steamier!
Let's have your first one be to dive headfirst into the world of Maybe: Interactive Stories!

Current stories include:
Royal Blood - Hit Vampire Romance Series
Your long lost father reappears and invites you to join the secret life of vampires, where you meet three attractive yet dangerous vampire brothers. You find out your special power and the fate of all vampires are in your hands. Who will you choose out of the three handsome vampires? Find your own ending to the story!

Perfect Partner - Steamy Relationship Hit Series
You’re the competent CEO of your own company. You meet John at a club and feel something you’ve never felt before with another person. When you see him again as your secretary, you settle on double contracts: one for employment, and the other for being "partners." Between your dangerously hot secretary and your bad-boy childhood friend, who will you choose?

The Tyrant’s Bodyguard - Monarchy LGBT+ Series
The Empire is governed by a constitutional monarchy. You work as a bodyguard, and you get the chance to guard the crown prince. What happens when you’re thrown into a plot to destroy the monarchy? The fate of the Empire as you know it is in your hands. Will you be able to guard the Empire and the man who gives up everything for you?

Flirting Island - Your Romance Story of a Lifetime
When you’re fired by your boss, the bachelor billionaire CEO offers you an opportunity to win your job back, and make a tidy sum as a bonus. You have to join a love reality show and do your best to romance him for the audience’s pleasure! Will you do your job, or will you aim to be a couple that who’s love isn’t just for the cameras?

Remarried Empress - The Medieval Fantasy Full of Intrigue (NAVER SERIES)
You were chosen to become the Emperor’s partner for life, but now he’s having second thoughts! Instead of you, he chooses a slave to be his companion, and now she’s after your throne too. Will you let this happen, or will you let the other handsome nobles who vye for your hand have a chance at romancing you and achieve your happy ending?

Maybe: Interactive Stories Official Community
Join Maybe’s Official Community and be the first to learn what’s going on and what’s coming up!

Note Maybe: Interactive Stories is an online game that requires an internet connection to play.
Maybe is free to play, but you are able to purchase game items with real money. You may limit the ability to make in-app purchases by creating a PIN in the Settings menu from within the Google Play Store.

- Please read our privacy policy at
- By playing Maybe: Interactive Stories, you agree to our terms of service


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Love the game! All the stories are great, love all the genres and the graphics! The fact that diamonds can be earned for free is great and after the developers put in more ways to win diamonds its even better. First time that Im rich on dia in this kind of game! The only thing is that the login is b…




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