City Mall Taxi Driving Simulator

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Mall taxi driver is your new assignment which you have to complete by acting as realistic and professionally trained driver of mall taxi games. There is very severe transport situation towards city mall and people use shopping mall taxi car to reach the central city mall. After completing all kinds of shopping, they are again in need of new shopping mall taxi which can take them back towards their desired destinations in this newly planned mall taxi simulator.

All the taxi drivers are over charging from people and there is a lot of hue and cry over this grave transport issue. Even the driver of small taxi car demands huge amount in the form of fare which cause real tension to all people. Solve this problem and offer free of cost city mall taxi driving services to the people of shopping mall taxi car game. Become an efficient mall taxi driver to perform shopping mall taxi car driving in the larger interest of your fellow people.

Sit on the driving seat of shopping mall taxi car and have real assessment of the interior of your taxi before starting your passenger transportation campaign from city mall towards various parts of this city. Work for your people to provide them a real relief in their time of trouble by launching free city mall taxi service. Make real show of all your taxi driving commands through the medium of city mall taxi game by repeating your past experience of taxi pick and drop games.

City Mall Taxi Driving Simulator features:

• New city mall taxi driving.
• Fully furnished city mall taxi.
• Power taxi steering controls.
• Big fuel tank for long routes.
• Variety of passengers to transport.
• Fully operational city mall’s animation.
• Natural driving commands for player.
• Perfect guidelines in all game levels.

Complete all levels of city mall taxi driving simulator in grand style and make yourself ready to meet all needs of realistic parking simulator in practical way.

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