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PMP Master

发行商: PE, Inc.
价格: 17.76 USD


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Mobile application for PMP exam mock Release of the PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition, Project management institute has updated the PMP exam. Accordingly, This ensures consistent use of terminology and harmonizes process groups, tools, and techniques between the new guide and the PMP exam.

But for now, students all over the world find they can find references - i.e." books, mobile app." - inside any question' answer; to address the question location appropriately.
Professional Engineers Inc. (PE) decided to design and launch a digital platform as a professional PMP mobile app and submitting to Google play and in order to helps users to get a tremendous expert knowledge about project management, practicing PMP questions as many as possible to gain the confidence of passing PMP exam the first time.

1- The app contains bucket loads of material such as 3500 questions,
2- Clean and eye-catching interfaces with a perfect color scheme
3- Users can even make notes everywhere inside the app
4- Users can set a time for daily study.
5- Users can study the way they prefer as project knowledge areas or
project process groups.
6- User has the ability to select which knowledge area or process group
to solve
7- User easily set his exam date then app starts automatically counting
down the remaining days
8- Users can ask instructors for points they cannot understand
9- Users can log in easily with their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.
10- APP has an excellent performance measurement analysis for users
11- User has the ability to set a time per question or a time per exam.
12-- Homepage professionally illustrates the best and worst past exam scenarios.
13 - APP is a mission-oriented that user can't move into the next level unless finishing the current one.
14- User has the ability to mail PE when finding any confusion within the questions
15- After submitting the exam App; automatically categorizes all
questions into correct – incorrect and marked questions
16- Users have the ability marking any question for review


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