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Gallery - Collage Maker, Photo video maker & Vault

发行商: T21 Games
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Gallery - Collage Maker, Photo Editor & Frames is the free gallery app that is a powerful picture album/image gallery viewer. Organise images or photos and videos easily with this simple and fast picture gallery. The best gallery 2021 is a picture manager, album photo, and video manager & editor. The photo gallery is the best alternative for the Android gallery app. Organize images and create picture albums with ease. Access all your private photos and videos in the vault app which is a great addition to our simple gallery app.
🎞️ Video Status Maker offers a new feature that is a video status maker with lyrics. A powerful video editing tool to make a stylish slideshow, splice video clips together in a free video editing app. With simple tasks, create a spark video combined with popular themes and background music for the videos. Photo video maker is a powerful tool that provides an extraordinarily distinct and exclusive photo library, sound effects, free video editing, and frames to create video from photos and music. Now create, edit and share amazing music videos, slideshows, and stories with your photos, videos, and music using this photo video editor feature.
💢 Collage Maker create your own photo collage with up to 9 images. Set Border and adjust body size round shape on photos. Its multiple layout support enables you to shuffle the layout, recreate the collages. Unlimited pics collage maker. With collage photo frames, remix your photos and collage pictures in the pic collage maker.
🔐 Hide Photos and Videos create a PIN, pattern, or your mobile’s fingerprint scanner to lock private photos. Protect your privacy to keep secret photos and videos in a file folder. Create a folder locker with a password for aesthetic pictures and videos in a private folder. Hide photos, videos & media files with this secret gallery application.
⚙️ Customisation gallery video viewer lets you arrange the order of gallery items i.e. photos, videos, albums based on your selection. Classic gallery collection and video organiser with the HD wallpapers gallery. You can also use the pinch-to-zoom gesture or zoom buttons to get a more detailed view. Easy to move files, delete, copy & paste. Open photos with a preferable apps image viewer.
Advanced Photo Editor with its file organizer and picture album maker, it's easy to edit photos. Have fun in photo editing using reverse image search, crop pictures, flip, rotate, and resize. Apply the exclusive filters of your choice, quick-adjust colours, doodle, and more to enhance the beauty, and photo quality to HD.
🖼️ Create Photo Albums this selfie camera photo album gives you the option of multi-selection moves & copy-paste files. Create photo albums, customise the background colour, and select the theme color of your choice from the setting. Advanced photo gallery file manager supports a variety of different file types including JPEG, PNG, MP4, MKV, RAW, SVG, GIF, Panoramic photos, videos, and many more.
Recycle Bin
Recycle bin for videos and photos works like a computer's recycling bin that can restore and recover videos, photos, files. Try it now and stop losing files from accidental deletes. Recover bin for Android is the quick, easy way to recover and restore your video and picture files.
⏮️ Built-in Video Player the best gallery video player feature is supported for all the popular image and video formats. With a built-in video player, you can fill your entire screen in this video gallery app to display images and play videos hot 2021.

Share text on photos with font and style cool pictures on social networks to your family and friends. Enable auto-style change or restore on the position/orientation change of the device If you have any suggestions or questions about this photo gallery app, please contact us at


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