Glitter Beauty Coloring Book

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Baby learns to use color, learns to draw learn superhero, learns to paint princess, learns to paint prince, learns to paint numbers, learns letters and more. Download now the Glitter Beauty Coloring Book app with rich and varied content.

Take a look at some interesting points of the Glitter Beauty Coloring Book application
* Page drawing school supplies and personal
* Page drawing superhero characters
* Page drawing princess, prince
* Page draw numbers and alphabets
* Collection of many coloring pages with beautiful designs, unique textures, diverse sizes and genres
* The list of colors represents up to 150 colors, pen or strip layout to help you choose the fastest color
Zoom in on the picture to paint the smallest and most effective areas
* Simple and effective collection management
* Share pictures with everyone via social networks
* User-friendly interface
* Coloring book is rated as a good performance product
* Products for fostering painting skills for babies

Download the Glitter Beauty Coloring Book app now!

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