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🥇 隐藏小能手 - 照片视频

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★ The Easiest and Highest rated hiding tool! ★

✔ New feature: One click to browse your phone's invisible photos with desktop browser!

Hide photos, pictures and videos from your gallery. EASY, SIMPLE and FREE!

It gives you control of who sees what and help protect your privacy. With "Hide Something",
• Your public gallery remains available to your friends, family, and coworkers. And your hidden images are only available for yourself.
• You can customize your visible folders when you want to show different photos to different people.
• You can share your photos and videos easily, even hand over your cell phone to others and no worry about your privacy.

✔ Fingerprint, Pattern or PIN lock! Choose your favorite.
✔ Directly hide files from third party applications by "Share". e.g., Gallery, Browser!
✔ One click to browse phone's invisible photos in desktop browser.
✔ Backup hidden files to Google drive.
✔ Photos, Videos, Google+ photos... all of those files are supported.
✔ Advanced image viewer displays pixel level of details.
✔ GIF is supported.
✔ Beautiful themes.
✔ Fake mode can protect your privacy for unexpected checks.
✔ Easy to share your private photos/videos to others.
✔ Doesn't show up in recently used apps list.
✔ Support for both phone and tablet.
✔ More features are coming.

Easy to Use:
Step 1: Choose photos or videos which you want to keep in privacy and hide them.
Step 2: Using pattern lock to access your hidden photos or videos.
Step 3: Choose the hidden photos or videos to restore.

Problems? Please contact us at first before leaving a bad review. We will fix the issues for you as soon as we can. Suggestion? Please also shot us an email. Your ideas may be present in our next version. Thanks!

What our developers said:
“Personally, I tried to find a private gallery app on market, but I got disappointed after trying several ones - they are non-holo styled, slow and too complex. So I made this one by myself - a CLEAN, SIMPLE and BEAUTIFUL one. Hope you'll like using it ❤.”

Online Help
Problem with password? Check the help below:

Read/Write external storaga - read and write media files.
Use fingerprint - let you use fingerprint to unlock your app.
Access internet - backup or restore media files to Google drive.
Access coarse location - required by Google admob ads.


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就是你們的app解除安裝後不會刪乾淨 重新安裝回來隱藏圖片的紀錄檔還在 但我圖片已經刪了所以會導致一堆顯示不出來的圖片在那 阿又沒有一鍵清除的功能 你們想讓我一張一張刪那幾千張的圖片嗎




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